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Mayhem by Nature, down-to-Earth skin care for the edgy misfits. Fitting the mold is not our goal, smashing it is. Creating skinfully delicious products, for the unapologetic rebel.

Discover What's
Never Tested 
on Animals

We love the idea of  using all-natural ingredients. However, there  are many differing opinions of  what is actually classified as natural. We won't bore you with the details,  as you can research the  many discussions on the internet yourself.

Many companies claim to be all-natural yet have some less-than-natural ingredients listed on their label. Mayhem will not claim to be 100% natural, but we will come nearly 99% close. Using ingredients like natural fragrance oils on occassion would be the exception to our all-natural ingredients line-up. And even then, we choose the most natural options.

You can learn more about the ingredients we use by clicking on the ingredients tab from the home page. There are clear cases when choosing natural ingredients. For instance, if you have the choice between refined or raw,  we defintely recommend raw. That is our preference. The less processing an ingredient has to go through, the more  likeyly we are to use it.

Almost all of the ingredients going into our products are certified organic. On the rare occasion that an ingredient is not certified organic, it is because it is cost effective not to go with the organic option. This is the case in some of the essential oils we choose. Some can be super expensive and hard-to find. We prefer not to pass on the high cost to you.  But know this, we use 100% pure essential oils.

Using vegetable derived ingredients is importatnt to us, as well.  We will always choose the most gentle and not to mention, vegan-friendly ingredients.  There will never be a time when we are misleading when it comes to what goes into our products. That is our pledge. 

Rest assured, that here at Mayhem by Nature, we do not test our products on animals. We obtain our ingredients from companies  that ethically source their raw materials and are cruelty-free.  If you're curious about certain brands, Leaping Bunny is a good place to start.


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