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Tarot Reading

  • Tough Love From A Tender Heart

    20 min

    35 US dollars

One-time reading or choose a plan below

Use the "Add your message" field to submit your question.  A general reading with a random deck will be conducted if this field is left empty.  

Due to the personalized nature of email readings, I do not offer refunds.  I will do my best to work with all querents to rememdy reasonable concerns regarding the reading. Simply disliking the cards will not constitute grounds for a refund. 


  • One Night Stand

    Every month
    For those with commitment issues
    • One Tarot Card Reading Every Month
  • Friends w/ Benefits

    Every month
    For those who enjoy having fun with minimal commitment
    • Two Tarot Card Reading A Month
  • Ball & Chain

    Every month
    For those who prefer a commitment
    • Four Tarot Card Readings A Month


By participating in Tarot reading you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist, lawyer, or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of lawyers, psychologists, or other healthcare professionals. Tarot is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I will at all times exercise my best skills, and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of the reading and my comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the services purchased as described. All my readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

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