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Yellow Jacket- Aggressive with a painful sting and bite. Tread lightly, for they will vigorously protect their nest with a swarm attack. Social scavengers that live mostly underground. If they sting you, run! They can very well leave behind a chemical that marks you as the enemy. It can incite other Yellow Jackets to attack.

Yellow Jacket Body Wash 6oz

  • Start and finish your day with our Yellow Jacket body wash. We hand-craft our own, skin-loving olive oil liquid *bastile soap. It’s sure to leave your skin squeaky clean. The addition of rich castor and coconut oils make it the first step in the battle against ashy skin. Treat your senses to this vibrant earthy citrus blend. A little of this soap goes a long way.

    *Bastile-Soap made with 70% or more olive oil and other oils or butters

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