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Your boss is a jerk, rush-hour traffic was a nightmare, and you stubbed your toe on the way through your front door.  Before you yell out a multitude of expletives, calm your tits! Imagine frolicking in an ocean of lavender where your boss and traffic can’t reach you. No stubbed toe to send you into a rage. It’s Just you with a mimosa in your hand. Can you smell the hints of orange in the air?


A cup: 1.8 in.

B cup: 2.2 in.

C cup: 2.6 in.

Double deez: 2.75

Calm Your T!ts Bath Bomb

PriceFrom $2.75
  • Grab your drink of choice and head to the bathroom. Run the water at just the right temperature and then light some candles. Drop a Calm Your T!ts bath bomb into the tub. Watch it float and fizzle, setting off a good time in the bathtub. Soothing Epsom salts can help to  relieve the stress of the day. Our bath bombs will cleanse your body with a gentle lather and leave your skin feeling soft from the addition of coconut oil. Let the scent of sweet orange and lavender calm your tits.   

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